First Test! 2011 Kawasaki ZX10R Euro ECU vs American ECU Dyno results

| April 22, 2011
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It is no secret that the all new for 2011 Kawasaki ZX10R is a machine designed  with performance in mind. When news broke this year that Kawasaki was redesigning the legendary Ninja platform for 2011,excitement quickly spread amongst Ninja fans.

Immediately many questions were asked with the number one question being, how much horsepower does it make? After  the initial production units were released to dealerships  a full factory recall was issued by Kawasaki on early production units.

It seemed that Kawasaki had found a issue with the valve train. After several weeks passed it was announced all production units were giving the green light  and once again dealerships could begin taking orders.

Many rumors floated around that the reason for the recall was the ZX10R was making to much power and or some US based units may have been shipped with a non restricted engine control unit (ECU) that were standard issue on the European ZX10R’s while the US ZX10R would be sold with restricted ECU’s.

The official word was and still is Kawasaki recalled early units due to valve train issues which only a few production units were effected by. However, news spread that the European Spec ECU could be purchased and used on the US based models.

This was  great news and the number one questioned now quickly became, how much of a power difference is really between a restricted  versus a non restricted ECU equipped 2011 model ZX10R?

Rickey Gadson was one of the very first to test the ZX10R and in the last few months has feverishly tested the  2011 ZX10R on  drag strips around the East Coast of the Untied States.

Initial performance numbers have been very good with the bike running the  1/4 in  9.19 seconds at over 150 plus miles per hour with a Brock’s Performance exhaust system, lowered suspension in front and rear, re-geared and restricted form!(pictured above)

I spoke to Rickey at the Manufacturers Spring Cup race held at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta Georgia a few weeks ago and he said his bike was restricted and that he was waiting to test the bike with a Euro Spec ECU,which he had on the way but not received at that time.

Now if I know Rickey and I do,he has been watching for the delivery truck everyday around the clock.

This week he received his re flashed European Spec ECU for one his new 2011 Kawasaki ZX10R Ninja’s with “0” miles on it (pictured left)and with a quick install off to the dyno he went for testing.

Rickey reported the following today after a comparison test between the US issued ECU’s and the Euro spec ECU’s.

“This is the comparison between the Euro spec(which is flashed by Guhl motorsports) and the American restricted ECU. Oh and yes these ECU’s can be bought by anyone for $395.00 USD.”

Gadson continued with “Look at the comparison Dyno Chart from my 2011 ZX10 with only 3 miles! with, and without unrestricted ECU. That’s a 24hp gain at 13,500 rpms. 176 vs 152hp on 87 octane! No doubt the question has been answered and the gauntlet picked up.”

With a 24 horsepower gain  with just a re flashed engine control unit  that cost only $395.00 dollars,this is what many will consider money very well spent! For  the unsuspecting opponent in the other lane, this could be a death punch they never saw coming!

176 horsepower from a stock liter bike combined with light weight makes this Ninja silent but deadly!

Dragbike Live will keep our readers updated on the progress of Rickey’s ZX10R as we are  headed to the MiRock Spring  Nationals on April 30th thru May 1st at Maryland International Raceway, where Gadson will be demonstrating the performance of the new found power from his 2011 Kawasaki ZX10R Ninja. photos courtesy Rickey Gadson

-Doug Ray

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Doug Ray says:

you will need to call them for information…they can give you more info

Salem says: says nothing about this ecu…

Doug Ray says:

do a Google search for the name in the post where i mention it came from…

Will says:

I like the ideal of more horse power, But don’t know were i can get one.