Racers/Fans Picture Uploads

| April 2, 2011
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It is really simple to do each picture must be either a jpeg, png or gif file format.

A general rule of thumb is, if our system accepts/uploads the photo than it is an approved file format.

All photos uploaded will not immediately be viewable as each will be reviewed by our staff be becoming public,however this process is usually very quick.

If it does not upload it quickly than chances are it is on the non approved list, Please try a different picture or format.

The largest picture size that can be uploaded is 1850X1041. Any picture larger than this will not upload correctly. You will need to re size the picture for the picture to appear on this page. Our system does re-size the uploads to 800×600 pixels . We reserve the right to use your photo for editorial purposes only.

To begin uploading your pictures  to your Series/Event  just follow the directions below.

1. Click the “Browse” button and then choose picture from your computer to upload

2. Add a description if you like.

3. Click “Upload Picture” and that is it! You have uploaded your first picture to our Racer’s Pics gallery! Repeat steps 1-3 for each additional picture.

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Racers/Fans Picture Uploads

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Doug Ray says:

Thanks Dan, a description cannot be edited once the pic is uploaded. Thanks for adding them.

Dan Wert says:

I assumed that I could go back and edit comments on the pictures I post. I guess not, so you have no idea as to who they are. Delete all the Orlando*.* pictures that I posted. There are 19