Jordan “The Iceman” Autrey/young gun in drag bike racing

| November 17, 2010
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16 year old Jordan Autrey, aka “The Iceman”, is making a name for himself in the world of drag bike racing in the Southeast. Jordan has already made a name for himself in motor cross, winning 13 championships over the past 7 years. Back in May of this year, Jordan was approached by Fat Man Customs racing out of Travelers Rest, SC.

They had heard about his motorcross achievements and wanted to give him a trial run on a drag bike to see how he would do. Chris Meeler, owner of Fat Man Customs, had Jordan and his grandparents meet him at Greer Dragway on May 2, 2010.

Jordan climbed on the Kawasaki ZX1400 and Chris showed him the bike was setup and gave him a brief overview of how the lights worked and what to do. On his first run he ran 99.90mph. Chris was impressed. So were the other riders at the track. They could not believe he had never been on a drag bike before. They also couldn’t believe he was so young,having just turned 16 years old.Chris decided to see what Jordan was capable of.

They got him some Icon leather racing gear and took him to Ware Shoals, South Carolina to see how he would do. He turned 119mph in 6.0 seconds on this 1/8 mile track. Jordan loved the track. He did very well and the other riders were impressed with not only his riding ability but with his amazing reaction times. He was consistently in the .0 range.In June Jordan went to Street Fights at Bristol International Dragway in Bristol, TN (Thunder Valley).

This was a much bigger event and larger track than the previous two he had raced at. He wasn’t intimidated by the fact that he was the youngest racer there, or by the fact that he was the least experienced racer. Jordan looked at it as being competition and he LOVES competition. He did not joke around with the other riders, didn’t smile, he was focused. He was very focused and concentrated on the task before him and that was winning.

This stoic look got him the nickname “The Iceman” – he rarely smiled, never bragged or talked “smack”, never showed any emotion….just total concentration. There were 60-70 bikes there for the Street Fights, ages of the guys racing ranged from 22-35 yearsold. Only the top 7 would be qualified, with the eighth position being raced for. In his first time there, racing at a ¼ mile track on a bike set up for an 1/8 mile track, Jordan made the field. He was Top 7. His fastest time was 147mph. Everyone was amazed, including the other racers at the track. Word was spreading quickly about the young man from Travelers Rest, South Carolina.

In August he went back to Street Fights at Bristol, this time with the bike properly set up for a ¼ mile track and with air shifting on the bike. He again qualified in the Top 7 out of 60-70 bikes. He had a speed of 149mph in 6.02 seconds and a reaction time of .005. He was solidifying his place in the world of drag bike racing.

Jordan is a competitor. In motor cross, they called him “Little Bubba” referring to James Stewart. In drag bike racing they call him

“The Iceman”. He is a very focused young man and takes his racing very seriously. He shows no fear. Only the desire to win and be the best. He would like to continue racing both motor cross and drag bikes. He loves the sport and wants to make a name for himself and go pro in either or both. He is motivated and driven enough to do just that. His current goal is to compete in the NHRA Drag Bike Racing Series.

Watch out for this young gun – he might set aim on you at the next race! For more information contact Jordan Autrey Motorsports at 864-834-1232 or 864-325-4447.


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