Drag Racing…better then candy!

| December 1, 2010

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Annette, The sooner we can interest them to racing at the track is a chance to keep them from racing on the street. Keep up the great articles and the rock is great, congratulations to you both. Wayne and Linda Merchant

Love it, George! The start of this addiction (drag racing) is a little different for everyone, the important thing is you continue to have fun! Thanks for the comment!

Paul Cavanaugh says:

There is a business idea in this article, I wonder if anyone sees it…

george says:

Actually,for me it was angelle Sampey who gave me my main inspiration to race a dragbike.It all started back in the early 90’s when she ran the close call bike and was just getting started in drag racing.I thought to myself”If a little lady like that can be successful at it,so can I”.from that day on I was off to the races…literally.Took me until 2007 to actually start racing but I wouldn’t have it any other way.It is my passion along with riding my harley.So whatever gets kids to the track is great.

Doug Ray says:

a very nice article…love these!