MPS Racing: JE Custom Hayabusa 85mm Offset Valve Pocket Pistons

| September 4, 2010

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Doug Ray says:

Mike, Give MPS a call…. I am sure they will be glad to answer your questions over the phone…

Mike Niehoff says:

I have these Je 85mm pistons in a hayabusa motor. I got already built and on the bike I was told the motor is over 1500cc I’m wanting to know how do I know if I have this 68 mm crank do’es it have marking’s or number?

Dusitn Roster says:

Hey I was wondering if you folks would be willing to send me a few decals to slap on my street bike. Just having a little fun and have had good experience using your products, in the past. Thanks
Dustin Roster
812 E 4th St.
VInton IA 52349

Mitchell Bunten says:

Hey this is Mitchel and I’m just about ready to get into a Hobby Stock for the first time I’m a small town Iowa boy looking to have a little fun. I was wondering if there was any way you guys could hook a rookie up with a few of your decals so as I’m ripping around the track my car will stand out. Anything you could send would be great since this a never ending money pit, I figured I would see if you guys could help a guy out.
Mitchel Bunten
706 E 6th St.
Vinton IA, 52349