NHDRO Weekend Race Coverage/presented by SpencerCycle.com RESULTS POSTED!

| July 31, 2010
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Time Line:

Saturday July 31st – 5.00am

Weekend race coverage of the NHDRO (No Hatin Drag Racin Organization) is set to begin today. One hitch, the Drabike Live.com race crew is currently in  Charlotte Douglas International Airport in Charlotte North Carolina. It seems in our modern times airlines are not reliable enough to stick to their schedules. Our flight has been delayed 2 hours! This is going to throw a kink in our chain today. The 2 hour delay will overall delay our arrival to Indianapolis Raceway Park by 4 hours. Way to go Delta!

Coverage you ask? Okay here is the skinny on what we are going to bring you guys this weekend. Lost of pics,updates and reports.  Brian Welch, CEO of the NHDRO Series has scheduled a great race with a poker tournament, bikini contest (we are always in the groove for the nice ladies on the runway) and of course a great race with tight competition and all the classes everyone likes. Heavy Hitters have moved into the pits and with great weather for racing we should, we could  see records set. Hey! this is Indy and with the staff that is on deck everyone attending should have a great time.

Classes being ran this weekend include Street ET Pro Comp, Street Fighter, Real Street,Pro Street, Top Gas,Super Comp,and Super Sport. Addtional information can be found at the official website – www.nohatin.com.

Once again Dragbike Live.com thanks SpencerCycle.com for coming on board again as the presenting race coverage partner. Please take the time to visit their website and browse all the awesome parts ad deals they have, with out their support race coverage wold not be possible.

Check back often as we update the page and post results.


Finally plane has arrived….off to Detroit we go then onward to Indianapolis!


After multiple delays and sitting on the tarmac we finally made it to Indy! Thanks again Delta! Our original arrival time was 10.30am….that’s right!!!! 10.30 am! We are at the track and have uploaded many pics for you guys to enjoy…we have the bikini contest jumping later and we will get those pics posted for you guys!

We will post more info on the racing as we get info.



1. Bud Yoder 7.32 @200.02

2. Rob Budgell 7.37 @186.07

3. Mike Claycomb 7.43 @199.73

4. Alen Vanidi 7.44 @196.93

5. Kenneth Edwards 7.51 @ 195.53

6. Josh Bricker  7.58 @ 197.45

7. Steve Smithers 7.67 @ 188.62

8. Brandon Tyree 7.68 @175.02

9. Steve Battaglia 7.90 @181.30

10. Donnie Young 7.92 @184.40

11. no name 8.00 @181.76

12. Ed Noll 8.65 @131.56

13. Ty Martin 12.32 @102.71


1. John Fernandez 8.04 @184.93

2. Quinn Orand 8.15 @177.04

3. Ryan Hable 8.37 @170.04

4. Greg Stanton 9.15 @159.61

5. Del Homes 13.00 @63.51

We would also like to thank our fine affiliates for coverage as well that partner with us to provide race coverage – psychobike.com and Dragbike.com

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alen danial says:

Thanks Doug and Rich for the coverage and the support of what us racers love to do

phil says:

Doug Thanks for the awesome photos and coverage. It was good to meet and hang out with you over the weekend.

Dragbike Live.com says:

Thanks Brandi and John…we always appreciate kind words and support..

JOHNJ says:

Excellent coverage,thanks.

Brandi says:

Doug – Thanks for working so hard to bring us coverage!