| July 26, 2010
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Series #3


Can You Guess Right?

This week’s “WHO ARE THEY?” picture features a picture from “Back in Tha Day”!  Black and White photos are not seen that often anymore and this one tell a nice story. There is a lot of history in this one picture most racer’s today may not have ever seen before.  We have three questions.

1. Who is riding the  drag bike? —– Ronnie Bones Bonitatis

2. What year was the pic taking?—- 1992

3. What organization and or event?—- Regional Prostar Race at Maryland International Raceway

This was a hard one for many including our staff. However thanks to Tony Williams, the starter in the background we were able to get the correct answers.  Thanks to all that guessed  all guessed correct…but you have to answer all the questions…:-)

Since the picture was taking way back in 1992, if you will notice the original tower that at Maryland international Racway was torn down and a new modern facility built. In fact the drag way as a whole was renovated after 2003. Prostar continued to run as a national organization  into 2006 until it was purchased and continued as AMA Dragbike. AMA Dragbike ceased operations this year. Tony Williams, the starter for both series retired at the end of the 2009 season.  Ronnie Bones Bonitastis and the bike continued to race for years. The bike in the picture is a side draft turbo charged inline 4 cylinder engine.

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lowry says:

Ronnie Bones 1996 Prostar

Connie says:

1) Bones
2) 1989

Jack says:

1. Ron Bonitatis
2. guessing 1994
3. Prostar

One of the Kosman triplets, originally owned by Mike Law at Raceworks Canada.