Grudge Racers invade MIR/action set to take place tonight!

| September 29, 2012
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Boy oh Boy the MiRock Superbike Series FBG Fall Nationals is packed full of bikes and that includes grudge racers. 545 bikes are in the gates, the most to date in 2012 at a Maryland International Raceway MIRock event.

Anyone in attendance can not help but notice the amount of Grudge Racers that have converged on Maryland International Raceway,simply put it is a lot!  While roaming the the pits getting the scoop on the dileo on whats going down tonight in Afterdark Underground  it was obvious a number of the key players in the grudge scene are here and ready for action.

Word in the pits is CJ (pictured above)and Possum are locked in (CJ’s ZX14 against P0ssums’ GSXR1000) for a battle royal of the heavyweights! CJ is to get a bike and the break later tonight and the two were talking smack and having a great time in the pits.

Below Possum lets air out of CJ’s tire…you alwy’s got to keep your eye on things…LOL

Possum  attempted  to intimidate an any foe while showing his pit bike riding skills below, which by the way damn near got away from him…that sure does look like a oh shit look developing!

The internet forums were on fire leading up to the FBG Fall Nationals and the expectations are high. Even when earlier in the week the weather forecast was not looking promising the chatter increased and many said even with threatening weather they were coming.

The weather forecast mid week changed drastically from not good to beautiful and I must say it is very nice record setting,go fast weather here at MIR.

After a long absence for motorcycle drag racing Legendary Joe Franco and his son Lil Joe have returned and this time with a grudge bike. Lil Joe ain’t little no more.

In a rare appearance Johnnie “Airtime” Locklear brought Area 51 and the shocker is he has put Caleb on it….and it looked really good going down the track. Word was maybe Ellamean ann Area 51 was going to lock horns but after a short interview with Billy Vose we discovered the Ellamean was not here…however Vose did indicate he was down for a race  if they wanted to race at the next event. WOW!

No word on what is going down  for Area 51…maybe Valdosta? Who knows mum is the word right now! One thing for sure and two for certain, Locklear has had the bike at races this something is going  on.

The undisputed Champion of Grudge Fest 4 who went upbeat winning a jaw dropping 8 races in a row Chris Moore is here but not with his grudge bike “Kickin Rocks”. The bike encountered engine issues while testing this past Thursday. Moore is riding for Rodger Starret camp aboard one of the teams Real Street entry’s.

All in all this is shaping up to be a good underground session tonight for grudge racers.

more to come ………..


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