FLASH BACK! 1986 IDBA “Fire Cracker” Nationals

| August 24, 2012
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Oh man were the 1980’s some of the best times for motorcycle drag racing and to live in.  Some of the things we all would like to forget are the tighty whites,bright clothing  and tube shocks along truck drivers hats.

Back then Winston Cigarettes sponsored nearly everything in motorsports and the internet and affordable cell phones were at most a decade way from the homes of America.Cable Televison was in it’s infancy.

The U.S.S.R was America’s arch enemy and nuclear war was a constant threat. Heavy Metal  was the mainstream music and Rap was just getting started,uh I mean  Hip Hop as it was called back then. Michael Jackson and Hank Williams Jr were on top of the charts with Europe,Bon Jovi,RATT,Def Leppard playing on the radio as well.

The Mustang GT was a street sleeper, the IROC Z28 was hot and the all new Suzuki GSXR750/1100 were all the rage,taking the spotlight away from the Honda Hurricane and ZX10 Ninja on the streets.

The Kawasaki Ninja was to be feared at all times,but a Suzuki GS1150 built tight and right would handle business!

The premier series for motorcycle drag racing action in the 1980’s was the IDBA or International Drag Bike Association. The IDBA ran strong for decades in fact deep into the early part of this century before finally shutting down.

The 1986 “Fire Cracker Nationals” that was held at the old Norwalk Raceway Park before it was redone is a memory of the past as most racer’s today would not recognize it from  the video unless told it was the famous drag strip in Northern Ohio.

The video below shows mostly the Pro Comp class that was back then  a high 8 second to a low 7 second class. A huge thanks goes to Jim Cooper for the captions that tell a story to the viewer, I recommend you take the time to watch and read the captions.

As you look through this old video of the heyday of racing a motorcycle on the 1/4 mile take note of the icons,fashions,CROWD and people in the crowd. There is a lot of  history  in this one small piece of video of our sport.

I have got to admit I have watched it several times and I see something I did not see the time before each time I watch.

The IDBA was a great organization and was a family owned and ran business,one I personally raced and won at and set world records the my class I ran.

The series was unique as compared to what racers are use to today. The IDBA had many different classes and divisions and you could literately get in where you fit in.

Take some time to remember those that went before the rest of us and have passed and be grateful to them for the sport we all love and enjoy today and next time you are at the track just remember them in the burn out box or while watching the racing action.

A big thanks goes to Jim Cooper for posting and CJ for the heads up.

YouTube Preview Image


-Doug Ray

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