Editorial: Negativity never works!

| July 15, 2010
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Editorial  – Negativity Never Works

The following is from an article I wrote and never finished in October of 2009:

A recent situation caused me to set out and write an article about a small series of events that took place and how they ended up setting off a maelstrom of emotional responses on the internet and in the racing community. I interviewed all of the parties involved and received very detailed information on how the situation unfolded.

All parties were extremely generous in their time and all gracious with their answers to my pointed questions. Each person interviewed corroborated each other’s answers on nearly all points. In the end I came away with an article that basically had no story other than one misunderstanding causing a questionable ruling.

Where the real story it turns out, was in the public’s response to the whole situation.
The first inkling of the problem actually started with a statement Doug Ray on Dragbike Live.com had made when he incorrectly stated, due to bad information he received, that the person was DQ’d for having a fuel pump. Doug told me in a phone interview the website chat room went berserk when he mentioned that.

The next thing started on Dragbike.com with a posting made about 3 hours after the incident, by a rider who does not even participate in the AMA Dragbike events. This one post went to 14 pages in just a few days. And here is where my story lies…

My question is in regards to our human nature to try and tear the things apart that we are not involved in. Why do we do it?

Right away, without knowing any facts people were making comments for the racer DQ’d. They also started making accusations that a person knowingly took advantage of a “loophole” to get this racer DQ’d. Speculations were thrown around like wildfire.

I had one very respected person on the forum send me a PM with the following statement, “I hate internet floggings.  They are against the very nature of law in this nation, where even murderers get a fair trial, and are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  Seeing the mob smelling blood and circling for the kill disgusted me.”

As I said, after interviewing everyone involved, I saw no malice or conspiracy or pre-meditated planning to the ruling that DQ’d the rider.

So why do we like to speculate? Why do we like to attack the bigger organization, especially if it goes away we will not have a place to race?

Flash forward to the present

I started the article above and never finished it because the controversial issue fixed itself when cooler heads prevailed. What is interesting to me is the last sentence. How prophetic was that? In the situation above a lot of negative conversations were going on without anyone actually knowing the facts of what happened. It is the same thing that is happening now to our sport with the vacuum left by AMA Dragbike.

Vulcan Bike Week

I am not going to beat a dead horse here but from the day the Gibson’s posted the first announcement of this event in January the first posts were negative and skeptical. Only a few people wrote and suggested to give it a chance and see what happened. It was destined to die right out of the get go based on racer support alone. There was none. Personally, I think this purse would have been paid out if more people would have come out.

The Gibson’s took a risk to make something happen and it fell apart due to poor planning and lack of knowledge. I can only wonder what would have happened if everyone came out to race as opposed to point out why it would fail. Maybe at least once a year there would have been a big money race for us to attend.

Pro Comp
Here was an opportunity to try and keep F/B’s racing and people want to counter it is not racing because it is 1/8th mile. In my eyes it sure is racing compared to having an expensive bike sit in a garage with a cover over the bike. I talked to Mark Paquette the morning he read AMA closed the doors, he said, “I now own a very expensive coffee table.” Thanks to Mirock and No Hatin’ picking up Pro Comp Mark can ride his “coffee table”.

There are so many factors that come in to racing 1/8th mile which make it exciting, like everything having to work perfectly right from the start. Can’t make any mistakes in this kind of racing, you do not have a back end to correct them. Some detractors say the mile per hour is too low to be exciting. There is only a 20 mph difference for most of these bikes between the 1/8th and the ¼.

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