XDL Stunt Bikes keep crowd entertained while MIR fights Mother Nature

| July 21, 2012
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The XDL Stunt Bikes keep the crowd entertained attending the 2012 MiRock Superbike Series Fast by Gast/WPGC Bike Fest Saturday.

While the Maryland International Raceway Staff worked hard to overcome  or at best deal with a unruly Mother Nature in a effort the prepared the track surface for qualifying.

The crowd in attendance quickly turned to the stunt show as was quickly entertained for hours while eye popping talent demonstrated stunts and tricks , some of the best we have ever witnessed on two wheels.

To view all pictures  of the stunt show Saturday CLICK HERE


The competition will run Saturday and Sunday  for the stunt competition. This  is definitely worth taking the time to watch!

Away from the stunt show and in the pits the ever vocal Chachi was cooking and feeding bystanders AND hyping up his new rival/grudge race  for this event Ricky Wood. 

However he did not leave long time rival/grudge racer Trae Heath alone…by no means!

The ever entertaining and unpredictable Chachi was sporting his latest T-shirts and even handing a few out. Everyone was having a good laugh even Trae.

Anyone that follows the internet message boards and the video call out’s that we have posted here form time to time knows these two have been at each other in a fun way for over a year now. It shows no signs of slowing down.

What’s next from these guys? From Chachi it is anyone best guess.

Last we heard Trae has vowed revenge. The saga contiues….




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