Mid-Season Rule Revision For Pro Mod in place for WPGC Bike Fest and rest of 2012 season

| July 14, 2012
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MIROCK officials have made a few revisions to the Pro Mod rulebook in an effort to help a few lesser combinations more competitive.

Jason Miller (Promoter of MIROCK) states, “We had upped the minimum weight to 625 lbs this year in the MIROCK Pro Mod class for the roller bearing nitrous bikes as many riders could not get their bikes below 625 lbs.

However, there were some teams out there that could get their bikes down to 600 lbs due to very small riders, but had 1500cc or smaller motors compared to the 1800cc mountain motors that the majority of the class has.

So we moved the minimum weight for 1500cc and smaller engines down to 600lb to help them get a footing into the class.

The 1501cc-1800cc bikes will remain at 625 lbs. We have also made a new PM/O combination for some of the X Outlaw bikes to have a place to race now and add wheelie bars. The last revision was some intercooler wording changes for the turbocharged bikes.”


The following rule revisions are effective immediately on 7-11-12, and the normal MIROCK 14 day window for rule revisions do not apply here as we are opening up a combination and not restricting it before the event. These rules will be in full effect on July 21-22 at the Fast by Gast / WPGC “Bike Fest”.


Click on the link below to view the updated Mickey Thompson Pro Mod Rulebook:



The next event for the Mickey Thompson Tires MIROCK Superbike Series is the Fast by Gast / WPGC “Bike Fest” at Maryland International Raceway on July 21-22, 2012.

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