| July 12, 2010
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Series #2


Can You Guess Right?

This week’s “WHO ARE THEY?” picture features a fun character which many a racer meet on the way to the finish line? He has been around the sport for many years and is  still loved by many a fan and racer alike.

He was responsible for making sure you would return to the pits  with your one way ticket down the strip.

Many racer’s  and racing series have come and gone with this individual being the one thing constant at the track. We will post a current picture of him when the correct answer is giving.

Please: Let people guess….do not spoil the fun for those that may not recognize the person

1. Name: Anthony “Tony” Williams

2. Series: Prostar/US Motorcycle Drag Racing Championship Series/AMA Dragbike Motorcycle Drag Racing Series

3. Position: Chief Starter

Anthony “Tony” Williams is well known in the sport of drag racing. He began his career at Atco New Jersey’s own track, Atco as it is known to racer’s.  Tony was with Prostar in the beginning starting in the early 1990’s and stayed with the series till it was eventually sold and renamed AMA Dragbike. He has done it all, from pit interviews,media work,announcing and even has an extensive memorabilia collection of his tenure in drag racing .

Tony retired form the Chief Starter position at the end of the 2009 AMA Dragbike Motorcycle Drag Racing Series. Tony was known for being tough,fair and always making sure it was safe for you to use that “one way ticket” down the strip.

Although we do not know when the above picture was taking it certainly was in younger days as Tony has been in the sport for decades. He has aged well. Thanks for all you have done for the sport!  photos courtesy of a.williams

Tony Williams 2009

Tony, Thanks for all the great times!

What is “Who Are They?” A weekly feature highlighting teams or  individuals from “back in the day” pics of  drag racing’s  influential individual’s.  Some may be obvious while others may stump you.  What a way to start off the week.

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Darren says:

Many great memories with Tony…….it is n honor to call him my friend!!

Genie says:

I love it, Now thats a water box Picture LOL Cant wait to see you Haily

Eatmyink says:

Dar’s got it right!

teamdar says:

Tony Williams
Official Starter
Prostar/AMA Dragbike

Wade Clark says:

Some hippie is all I know! LOL