Gladstone take’s DME with him to Club 6 Second!

| April 29, 2012
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Joey Gladstone becomes the 4th Pro Street motorcycle rider to join the very exclusive but quickly filling second club.

En route to the Pro Street finals  in which he will go against the third member of the club (Rodney Williford) and second person to enter the club while competing at the Mirock Superbikes Series FBG Spring Nationals.

Gladstone ran a very impressive 6.994 elapsed time at a whopping 211.23 miles per hour!

In recent testing the team found and improve their tune on the all turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa and Gladstone has been on point.

After a early mishap after a burnout in early qualifying in which an oil filter “O” ring poured oil under the bike thus throwing Gladstone off right before the starting line the DME Racing Team was able to repair the bike and regroup.

With a track conditions that have allowed records to be set and history made Gladstone left the line clean and strong engaging each gear of the 550 plus horsepower Hayabusa  all the way through the 1000″ foot mark on his way to the 1320 stripe.

A few blurps and in what sounded like maybe a early shift or bounce off the rev limiter,  Gladstone joined Rodney Williford as the second competitor to break into the six’s in the 1/4 mile  at Maryland International Raceway’s  FBG Spring Nationals.

Gladstone,Rodney Williford,Frankie Stotz and Ryan Schnitz  fill the first 4 spots of the club, only empty spots remain.

Theses street legal 68″ wheel base motorcycles (non wheelie bar) pushing 600hp run on a street legal DOT approved tire.

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