Top Fuel Harley explosion injures team members/SGMP

| April 14, 2012
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A Top Fuel Harley while performing a burnout and preparing for a 2nd qualifying session had a explosion injuring  members of the team at the Manufacturers Cup Spring event being held at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

The engine explosion happened in a restricted area of the track where only credentialed personal are allowed.

Three members were hurt bad enough to need quick medical assistance from EMT’s . Bystanders rendered first aid  to the injured right after the accident occurred until track EMT’s arrived on the scene and later Valdosta EMT arrived.

The extent of the injuries are not available at this time and details are details are developing. All members that were injured were transported to the hospital with emergency crews in ambulances.

UPDATE 8:30pm eastern time: Two of the three have been treated and been released. The worst of the three that was injured is currently in surgery.   Reports are that the the intake manifold was blown apart due to an internal explosion in the engine thus sending shrapnel flying into three crew members. He is expected to recover from the injury.


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