NHRA mandates 20 pounds weight penalty for Harley Davidson V-Rods

| April 4, 2012
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Following a review of recent performances in the Pro Stock Motorcycle category, NHRA has announced that the minimum weight for the Harley-Davidson 160-cid, four-valve combination will increase 20 pounds, from 640 to 660.

The adjustment is part of NHRA’s ongoing efforts at maintaining competition and parity within the category.

The change becomes effective April 27, 2012, at the O’Reilly Auto Parts NHRA Spring Nationals presented by Super Start Batteries in Houston, which is the next stop in the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series for Pro Stock Motorcycles.

The minimum weight for NHRA-accepted American pushrod V-Twin 160-cid will remain at 615 pounds, and the Suzuki 107-cid two-valve will remain at 595 pounds.

NHRA will continue to monitor performance and will make adjustments as necessary.

Additionally with momentum  increasing with the public out crying  about the parity of the NHRA’s Pro Stock Motorcycle class in relationship the class domination of the Harley Davidson team, along with the fact that the Harley Davidson Pro Stock motorcycle parts or parts are not available to anyone wanting to purchase. The NHRA release the brief statement below.

NHRA’s Vice President of Technical Operations, Glen Gray spoke on Vance & Hines’ excluse ownership of the Harley-Davidson V-Rod program in the Pro Stock Motorcycle class.

“There has never been a rule against it, and I will give you an example of parity just in other forms of NHRA racing,” said Gray, who was hired by NHRA in July of 2008. “With some of your big Top Fuel and Funny Car teams they make some of their own parts, like maybe a supercharger or cylinder heads or some things of that nature. They don’t make those parts available to other people either. It is not unique to just Pro Stock Motorcycle, and there has never been anything in the rulebook against it. (There is not a rule) that says you have to make parts available to everybody not since I have been here (at NHRA).

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