Hogan expected to announce his return to Top Fuel

| February 17, 2012
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Korry Hogan is expected to officially announce his return to the Top Fuel Motorcycle Drag Racing ranks.

Hogan announced he would not ride the bike again after  after a top end crash in Colorado during an exhibition outing which destroyed the world record setting history making Top Fuel drag bike.

Hogan is the first man to break the 250 miles per hour barrier which occurred in 2008  and later reset the record to 255 miles per hour last year during the Manufactures Cup Spring event at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta Georgia 2011.

Hogan is scheduled to arrive at Indianapolis International Airport at 10.30pm Friday night on a red eye flight from his hometown state of Colorado.

A press conference is scheduled for 1.30pm on February 18th 2012 at the Indianapolis Dealer Trade Show  in Indianapolis Indiana at the MTC Engineering Booth during which details of the Alwine,Dryden,Hogan Top Fuel Nitro Methane Motorcycle Drag Racing Team are expected be released to the attending press corp.

Dragbike Live is scheduled to attend the press conference.

UPDATE: Hogan to return to Top Fuel in 2012


MTC Engineering Display Booth Area


Indy Dealer Trade Show MTC Promo Video

YouTube Preview Image


Top Fuel Frame on Display

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Larry Green says:

What happened to the 3 strikes rule in TF? To be honest, he is a fool to get back on it.

well we better wait till we all hear the complete story….from what we understand the news will surprise alot of people.

Cam Chain says:

He was never not comin back. Too strong a pull!.gitr dun!