Star Racing announces riders, plans full NHRA circuit

| February 17, 2012
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Dragbike Live broke the news last month that plans were in the making for the return of Star Racing to the NHRA ranks. It now has become officially official. While attending the Dealer Trade Show in Indianapolis Indiana Jackie Bryce of Star Racing informed our Editor Doug Ray of the news.

The Star Racing team has announced that they will run a full NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) circuit with two riders for the 2012 season, after several years of sporadic participation in the series.

In addition to this news, Star Racing has also partnered this season with the Hungarian Sovereign Racing Team, the 2011 European Pro Stock Motorcycle Championship Team.

The new Sovereign-Star Racing Team came together after Star Racing owner George Bryce traveled throughout Europe with the Sovereign Team as their coach and chief tuner during the 2011 race season.

The Sovereign Team name is derived from the owner’s large sugar distribution company based in Hungary.

After an extremely successful race series in Europe, Sovereign Team owner Jeno Rujp expressed interest in running the NHRA circuit in America with the help of Bryce.

“Jeno won in Europe. His team won six out of seven races,” Bryce said. “And, now, he wants a big challenge, and I said, ‘You picked it if you want to race in America, if you want to race NHRA.’

I told him it was going to be like running Formula 1 compared to what he was doing. It’s a big challenge, and it’s a big dream for him.”

As the new Sovereign-Star Racing team began to take shape, the only missing element was qualified racers.

After weeks of searching, Star Racing has announced John Hall and Scotty Pollacheck as the team’s new NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racers for the 2012 season.

John Hall

Scotty Pollacheck

This year’s Star Racing riders have 43 combined years of drag racing experience on street bikes, Pro Stock motorcycles and even a world famous electric bike.

Star Racing New Transporter Graphics


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Doug Newman says:

I realize the displacement advantage is hard to pass up but how bout runnin both?

Doug Newman says:

I am VERY GLAD to see you back in the nhra, but i wish you would run an inline 4 instead of a friggin v twin