Team Report: Mike Berry test new PSM in Las Vegas

| February 7, 2012
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With a huge storm head towards Denver, the LAT Racing Oil sponsored Pro Stock Motorcycle of Mike Berry and crew hit the road for Sin City!

Looking forward to some warmer weather we arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday and set up for our first day of test and tune.

With the new look provided by King Kong II Racing and some new found HP, the team was very pleased with the results that we found.

MBP Racing is looking forward to the first race of the NHRA Full throttle Pro Stock Motorcycle series in Gainesville Florida. The team returned to Denver with its new found information with great expectations for the 2012 season.
Thank You to all the racing fans and sponsors for all your help and support!

Contact Information:
Ed Heystee,
VP Marketing
MBP racing



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Randy the cab driver says:

the bike looks great. (you 2..) 2 a great 2012 season!!!!