Clutch maintenance 101 with Brock Davidson

| January 12, 2012
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Brock Davidson of Brocks, an avid performance enthusiast and engine builder, explains how to maintain the clutch on his BMW S1000RR ‘Christine”.

After he notices some issues with his personal performance during an outing at his local drag strip he breaks the motorcycle clutch down and finds the issue.

Follow along as he explains how his drag strip numbers point him to a simple clutch problem that is a bit difficult to spot.

While this may be an easy and inexpensive to cure which could not only bring his performance back to where it was,but also avoid a costly, catastrophic clutch failure if left undetected.

Although the bike in the video is a BMW S1000RR the same principles and techniques are pretty much true for any motorcycle in use today.

Enjoy and thanks to Brock for sending in the tech video.

Any questions can be left in our comment box at the bottom of the article page.

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tim sullivan says:

thanks for the video.. very simple, and informative..