| July 5, 2010
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Series #1


Can You Guess Right?

1. Name:

2. Class Ran:

3. Series:


Some are easy and some are not…

Left to right starting with top row.

What is “Who Are They?” A  weekly column we will bring you each week.  What a way to start off the week.

There are clues? Can you find them?


Pic is of 1993 World Champs…From Top Left: Steve Heffner P/G; Mark Conner TFH; Lonny Rueckert Super Modified; Elmer Trett TF; Mike Thyen ET; Paul Gast PS; Bottom from Left: Tony Sabino TG; Jimmy Mullen SC; Neal Fast Lane FB; Billy Vose PC; Van Boyce SG. Photo by Auto Imagery
Thanks to Tony Williams for giving the correct answer!

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Kelly Trett Thomason says:

Awesome question!! Great job everyone!! :)

teamdar says:

Top row second from left: Marc Conner? Top Fuel Harley

Kelly Trett Thomason says:

I was told not to say anything y’all..LOL..

Kelly Trett Thomason says:

Neil Lane… ;-)

Genie says:

Come on Kelly who is next to Vose and Hefner

Kelly Trett Thomason says:

I know several of them, but feel like I’m cheating in a way… lol..

Ed Grothus says:

Top Row: Steve Heffner S/C, ?, Lonnie Ruekert S/G, Elmer Trett T/F, Tiny Noble , Paul Gast P/S
Bottom row:
Tony Sabino, Jimmy Mullins, Neal Lane F/B, Bill Vose, ?
Thats the best I can do for now……….

Genie says:

Steve Heffner Super Comp top left and I forget the rest One of the Mullin boys second from left on bottom maybe he was in Top Gas Paul Gast Pro Stock Billy Vose Pro Mod! I know the rest just for got the names! and it was in the mid 90’s