Video: 2012 ZX14R runs 9.25et @ 151mph in stock form/Las Vegas Strip

| November 30, 2011
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The all new Kawasaki ZX14R’s are making some waves with the recent release of the redesigned machine.

Until now there have been no recorded runs of the all new 1441cc power plant  making runs down the 1/4 mile in a form close to and or such as stock as a dealership showroom would have it displayed.

Kawasaki officially debuted the 2012 Kawasaki ZX14R this week in Las Vegas and rolled out it’s flagship model in style.

Judging by the picture to the right we are not sure if the bike in the video has been geared or not.

That sure looks like a stock sprocket on the rear and of course you can tell it has been lowered from stock ride height and sporting the stock exhaust.

The all new 2012 ZX14R slings a 4.0mm larger crankshaft stroke (65.0mm) from earlier models and a new 85.0mm  bore,huffing  a compression ratio of 12.3:1.

Can you say 9.25 elapsed time at  151 miles per hour at 2800ft adjusted altitude and get this with stock exhaust on pump gas! Watch the on board camera video below. photo/video credit Rickey Gadson

click arrow in left hand corner to play video


 Time slip of drag strip pass above in video

Lets decipher the slip picture below  for those that may not know what the numbers represent

1.56 – 60′ time

6.03 – 1/8 mile ET

122.51 – 1/8 mile mph

9.256 – 1/4 mile ET

151.37 – 1/4 mile mph

Just in case you are wondering what a stocker does Brock Davidson is at the press launch of the 2012 ZX14R and reported that of all the press attending a “shootout” was arranged where all media  were allowed two time runs, Brock said,

“I got 3rd. The winner was Kevin Duke of – he’s 125 lbs. and rides great! He ran a 10.00. Next was Paul Caruthers of CycleNews  and out of nowhere with a 10.06 and then my 10.09 with all of the rest behind. The track went away.”

Davidson of Brocks Performance posted the picture on the right on facebook saying, “Got “on the box” as the road racers say… Posing with my 3rd place prize in the journalist “top gun” race”.

The short video below is of how well the engine rev’s at 2800 feet above sea level.

click arrow in left hand corner to play video


Is this a strong arm take over in effect?

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