A clutch fiber and steel alternative for the Suzuki Hayabusa

| November 8, 2011
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While writing the  three part series clutch articles (All about clutches on the GSXR1300 Hayabusa) I came across another product that deserved attention on it’s own.

From the first I started racing a Hayabusa I have been told you should always replace the clutch fibers with the ones from the factory.

Being the miscreant that I am, I rarely listen to what I am told.

In 2007 I had to put my first clutch pack in the bike and I went out and bought an aftermarket set which will remain unnamed for liability reasons.

The Barnett clutch pack lasted me approximately 2 races before I had to replace them with a clutch pack from Suzuki.

I am sure the Barnett set would have probably worked fine on a stock Hayabusa being used under normal driving conditions.

(Are any Hayabusas subjected to normal riding conditions?) A turbo on the other hand was probably not what they were intended for.

Since then I have not put anything other than a Suzuki clutch pack in the bike. Until now…

When the clutch articles (All about clutches on the GSXR1300 Hayabusa) came into being I started to replace everything with brand new components to fix the problems I was having.

Doug Ray of SpencerCycle.com suggested I give a product a try he sells at Spencer Cycle, the Track Pac fibers and steels.

Make sure to check out the Dragbike Live.com  “Tech Department”  for additional tech articles and videos!

Being leery of changing a part in the bike that I knew worked, I was not interested. Doug told me if I were to get a set without someone telling me who made them I would think they were actual factory parts.

For around $150.00 what did I have to lose?

Visual inspection
Upon arrival I immediately took one and matched it up to a Suzuki fiber. Doug was right, visually they looked the same. Thickness wise they were also the same. This is a good sign.

In use
I have now made 37 passes on the Track Pac since it has been installed.  Spencer Cycle provided me with the correct thickness (stack height) of fiber and steels to use with my Hays Machine Works clutch that is in my bike.

In fact, Doug says they can provide special “stack heights” to anyone in most cases if needed and have in stock stock clutch kit set ups as well.

Doug said Spencer Cycle keeps the Hays Machine Works Track Pac clutch kits in stock as they require the 1.86 stack height where as the regular stock stack height Track Pac kits for the other stock style clutch set ups.

After some hard abuse at the local drag strip I was curious to how well the fibers were holding up. The original clutch Track Pac from Spencer Cycle measured at 1.863, now they measure 1.861.

A few steels show a very light copper tinged discoloration and the rest are still silver.


From what I see there is an alternative to the factory clutch set-up. Additionally Spencer Cycle.com has a cool product review video where the Track Pac clutch kit components are explained in detail and up close.

The best part yet, the Track Pac clutch kits are very affordable and SpencerCycle.com stocks them for many applications other than just the Suzuki Hayabusa and with a price for many applications of around $150.00.

-Paul Cavanaugh

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