Wright runs a record down with 600cc’s

| October 5, 2011

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wesley wright says:

Hello this is wesley, for those keeping score the bike went 6.19 in valdosta ga. and for those that know me you can verify that with greg or mark rowden they were witnesses. soory for no video i dont video every pass…..we will this year……8’s on a six hundred will happen….

Youtube It says:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3uYaARrylg Here’s a video of a 10.17 1/4 mile pass at Beech Bend in Bowling Green, KY. The bike doesn’t run those numbers locally because of the track that he runs at “locally”. You know just as well as I do that Chandler’s track isn’t treated very well and that pavement, well that’s a whole other issue! Slammed750, I hope you don’t plan on being a groupie when this bike makes history this year….. for the rest of you showing love, stayed tuned, you haven’t seen anything YET!!! :)

Doug Ray says:

good question….we would like to have it…

BOB says:

is there video of the 6.37 pass??

slammed750 says:

why doesn’t your bike run those numbers locally where everyone knows you? sounds fishy to me..

Patrick Goodrode says:

Nice!!! Congrats WEST!! We had some perfect weather for running out there. So I don’t feel so bad to losing to you..

Fire Chief says:

Thanks for the track record in my fire jurisdiction,GOOD JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!