MPS/Thyen Racing Pro Mod Suffers Fire Damage!

| September 3, 2011
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Team Report by Dan Rudd.

“I’ve got really really bad news” then a pause.  I’m thinking someone died by the tone of Mike’s voice.  Multiple scenarios are playing out in my mind.  “The bike caught on fire and burned.”  This isn’t a good thing, but better than some of the things I was thinking.

Mike was outside the garage talking with a neighbor when he noticed the dull orange glow through the window of his garage.

The LiPo batteries we were using exploded while charging, sending flaming parts of battery all over the bike.  Mike put out the fire with a garden hose, saving his garage and possibly his house.

I believe there is a lesson here that we all can learn from.  When we got the batteries, we installed them the way the person we got them from told us to do it.  We bought a specific fixed rate battery charger to charge them, but they never seemed to charge fully, so Mike bought a special LiPo battery charger.

Without going into details, the directions for charging the LiPo batteries weren’t followed to the letter resulting in the batteries exploding.  If we had done our due diligence and researched those batteries BEFORE we started using them we would have never made the mistakes we made.

We made lots of mistakes with the care and handling of those batteries.

There is nothing wrong with using this type of battery, however be sure to do the research and get the proper equipment to service them.  This lesson applies to each part you put on your bike.  Make sure you understand what it does and how it does it BEFORE you use it.

Knowledge is power, the better you understand your equipment, the easier it will be to do well and stay safe.

Look for our return in Rockingham, NC on September 9-10, 2011 for the ADRL Drag Stock VIII where the Phoenix will rise from the ashes!

Contact:    Dan Rudd
Phone:    321.972.8282
FAX:        321.972.5123

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